MC-2020 is wireless and wired smart controller application for Automatic fire fighting monitors. It’s comprehensive functionality and great ease of use make it a highly cost–efficient solution for virtually any remote foam / water monitor application. This controller can be controlled up to 5 actuators in same time via wireless remote control (RC1120) or fix console joystick.

These controller includes:

  1.  8Ch. Line monitoring 24Vdc power output switch to connect directly to relay our contactor coil up to 500mA.
  2. 8Ch. Opto-Isolation input to receive actuator feedback
  3. 12Ch.  Opto-Isolation input and 14Ch O/C output to connect joystick, push buttons & indicators in front of fix console
  4. 2.4Ghz wireless transducer to communication with RC1120 remote controller.
  • Benefit:
  • No need programming in the plant (fully programed).
  • High reliability and minimal maintenance.
  • Small physical size.
  • Wireless module included.
  • low initial investment cost.

You can find information on terminal wiring in the MC-1120 as below table:


Output signal  8 Ch. Line monitoring output (max 500mA output for each channel) 14 open collector output
Input signal20Ch. Opto-Isolation input
Command station operation joystick/switch & indicator which has the ability to connect to MC1120    Left / Right – Up / Down joystick & feedback indicators Water actuator valve open/close pushbutton & feedback indicators Foam actuator valve open / close pushbutton & feedback indicators Fog & jet pushbutton & feedback indicators Oscillating mode pushbutton & feedback indicator On/off switch with related indicator Fault indicator Emergency shutdown pushbutton
Operation voltageNormal 24Vdc (18 ~28Vdc)
Controller Power consumptionMax 550mA
DimensionL:100mm   W:92mm H: 70mm
InstallationDin rail
Weight600 g
Frequency Band / receiver sensitivity2.4GHz  / -98dBm
Operating Temperature-40 to 60°C
Reaction Time< 0.1 Sec
Max Distance coverage area for wirelessVisual distance 1500 meter in open area with 10dB antenna