MC-2120 is wireless and wired smart controller application for Automatic fire fighting monitors. It’s comprehensive functionality and great ease of use make it a highly cost–efficient solution for virtually any remote foam / water monitor application. This controller can be controlled up to 5 actuators in same time via wireless remote control (RC1120) or fix console joystick.

These controller includes:

  1.  10Ch. Line monitoring 24Vdc power output switch to connect directly to relay our contactor coil up to 500mA.
  2. 10Ch. Opto-Isolation input to receive actuator feedback
  3. 14Ch.  Opto-Isolation input and 14Ch O/C output to connect joystick, push buttons & indicators in front of fix console
  4. 2.4Ghz wireless transducer to communication with RC1120 remote controller.
  5. configuration via ethernet port
  6. RS485 modbus RTU to communication with HMI
  7. CAN Bus for extended module
  • Benefit:
  • No need programming in the plant (fully programed).
  • High reliability and minimal maintenance.
  • Small physical size.
  • Wireless module included.
  • low initial investment cost.

You can find information on terminal wiring in the MC-1120 as below table:


Output signal  10 Ch. Line monitoring output (max 500mA output for each channel) 14 open collector output
Input signal24Ch. Opto-Isolation input
Command station operation joystick/switch & indicator which has the ability to connect to MC1120    Left / Right – Up / Down joystick & feedback indicators Water actuator valve open/close pushbutton & feedback indicators Foam actuator valve open / close pushbutton & feedback indicators Fog & jet pushbutton & feedback indicators Oscillating mode pushbutton & feedback indicator On/off switch with related indicator Fault indicator Emergency shutdown pushbutton
Operation voltageNormal 24Vdc (18 ~28Vdc)
Controller Power consumptionMax 600mA
DimensionL:100mm   W:92mm H: 112mm
InstallationDin rail
Weight800 g
Frequency Band / receiver sensitivity2.4GHz  / -98dBm
Operating Temperature-40 to 60°C
Reaction Time< 0.1 Sec
Max Distance coverage area for wirelessVisual distance 500 meter in open area with 5dB antenna