RC-1120 is wireless industrial remote control application for Automatic fire fighting monitors. It’s comprehensive functionality and great ease of use make it a highly cost–efficient solution for virtually any remote foam / water monitor application. This remote control can be controlled up to 4No. MC-1120


  • SMART Radio Communication

     It helps operator monitor the radio signal status with this new RF technology.

  • Auto Channel Selection (ACS)
     This feature creates a near non-interference from other systems

Water/Dirt Resistant
 Robust casing for all weather conditio

Description of Remote Controller

  1. Powe on Push Button
  2. Channel toggle switch for Select Monitor (if any)
  3. TFT LCD
  4. Push Button for Open/Close Water with related LED Indicator
  5. Push Button for Open/Close Foam with  related LED Indicator
  6. Push Button for Fog/Jet Nozzel with related LED Indicator
  7. Joystic Controller Left/ Right or Up/Down with related LED indecator
  8. Emergency STOP
  9. Wireless Antenna (2.4gHz / 5dB)
  10. Oscilation Angle selection toggle switch Oscillating Push Button with related LED indecator

Wireless remote control size / protectionL:188mm   W:124mm H: 97mm IP54(lid open)   IP65(Lid close) 
Frequency Band / receiver sensitivity2.4GHz  / -98dBm
Area classificationSafe area
Operating Temperature-10 to 60°C
Transmitter Powerli-polymer 7.4 Vdc battery
Reaction Time< 0.1 Sec
Wireless remote control  Battery lifeMin 8 hours in continues operation
Wireless remote control  LCD  Yes
Wireless remote control  operation & indicator  Left / Right – Up / Down joystick Water actuator valve open/close Foam actuator valve open / close Oscillating mode pushbutton On/off switch FOG/JET
DistanceVisual distance 500 meter in open area with 5dB antenna
Wireless remote control accessoriesCharger , 2.4Ghz antenna (5dB) & user manual